Kirby Hill

Dunbar uses Moses as being being a prophet from when he lead the Israelites out of Egypt. He talks about about how there will be a Moses that is coming for them to set them free in line 73 and 81-82 of The Ante-Bellum Sermon. He relates the Moses and the Pharaoh in the bible to them and the masters. He says that the Pharaoh believed in slavery in line 53 which would be the masters in their case.   

In The Storm Alcee is like a prophet to Calixta. He is her dream guy just by the way they act in the story where he stands closely behind her. She also walks backwards into his arms and when she gets worried about Bibi and the house, Alcee was there telling her that everything is going to be fine. On page 435 in the last paragraph as she looked up at him the fear in her eyes were gone. At the end of the story Alcee writes a letter to his real wife telling them to not be in a hurry to come back so he could more time with Calixta.

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