The Berlin Wall  

Amelia Jutz
Hour: 3

Who: East: Communist, USSR, East Germany

           West: Capitalist, Great Britain, US and West Germany

When: Bulit on August 12-13, 1961. It was torn down on November 9, 1989. It was torn down  because of the fall of the Soviet Union.  East Germany was apart of the USSR so they decided to let people pass freely.

Where: Berlin, Germany

Why: To keep people in East Germany, and not try to go over to West Germany.  Which was a better life because it was capitalist not communist  

SUMMARY:  East Germany and West Germany where part of 2 DIFFERENT sides in the Cold War. The communist and the capitalist. East Germans where escaping to the West Germany. For a better life. East Germany didn't like this. So to keep people from going over to the West. They bulit a wall, the Burlin Wall. Both sides hated that wall. It was torn down by the people on both sides on Novemer 9, 1989. Because the East side government did not keep its promis to let people pass freely when ever they wanted but never flowed through.

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