Reviewing Class Size Reports / Waivers

In the "How To" video I created for completing the class size reporting forms, I included information about the Q & A page DPI titled "Considerations When Requesting a Class Size Waiver" and I will include that information here as well.  Anytime you have a class that is exceeding the limit on the chart, the first thing is to work with the teacher / school in an attempt to resolve the overage.  If you cannot reduce the class size, you will need to have the teacher do the Q & A sheet, then send the sheet to you along with the signed waiver form.  You will need to submit all the paperwork to Ruben so he can review, finish the needed signatures and get everything submitted to DPI in October.  I'll include both the videos and the links to the forms here.  Please review the teacher's Q & A sheet carefully because the way they answer the questions will determine whether or not the waiver will be approved.  Please let me know if you have questions and I'll be glad to help.

If you have classes that are over the class size limit, print the class size report, attach it to the teacher's consideration Q & A, along with the signed waiver form and submit everything to Central Services no later than the end of September.  They must have time to complete the rest of the paperwork / follow-up and submit all documentation to DPI in October.  Thanks for all your help with this task.