spanish conquistadors

Spanish conquistadors were explorers sent to the new world to conquer in the name of God. Queen Elizabeth and king Ferdinand sent them to explore and conquer the new world and promised them fame, fortune, and power and they were to do all this in the name of God, because the king and queen had strong Catholic beliefs. Conquistadors are known for being violent to possess  the land that they wanted. Conquistadors were rewarded greatly whenever they found land that had political advantages.

Spanish conquistadors were Spanish and Portuguese soldiers and explorers who spent centuries fighting and taking back their land in wars against the Moors, finally when they obtained their land they were given an opportunity to travel to the new world and get a great deal of wealth and power. Which was very promising for young adventurous men. They used Christianity to justify their inhumane actions by doing anything to get what they wanted whether it be land, gold, and other riches. When religious figures or citizens would speak up and go against their methods of getting what they wanted, The conquistadors would usually make them stop talking and spreading the word about what was really going on or they would probably get "dealt" with. The conquistadors were promised wealth and power in a time when they had nothing to loose making it the perfect opportunity for them which was what motivated them. They were ambitious, greedy, and were willing to do what it takes to be successful. Another big reason for all of this exploration is trade. Trade was one of the leading factors for them traveling and finding new land. Spanish conquistadors would go to the new world searching for anything that could help them get rich and grow their economic and political foundations. Expanding in land gave them power and influence on others providing work and a better money based economy.

A Spanish conquistador.

This is a photo of what a Moor would look like during this era. Conquistadors spent about 600-700 years fighting and regaining their land that was taken by the Moors.

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