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Individual and Societies project for Ms. Hershberger  

This is the year 1558 and I would like to leave on the year of 1559(1), and I am from Italy(2). I am asking you, (4)Queen Elizabeth I of England(3), to support my trip. If you fund my trip, (5)I will find you your gold, salt, and land. I will also spread the religion of Christianity. (6)I am also going to be keeping my eye out for some salt, spices, natural resources, and furs. (7)The reason I chose salt because that is still relatively useful to preserve food. Also spices are good for our food, and digestive system. And natural resources are a great and cheap way to get what we need. Alas, furs will be right where I am headed and easy to get. Great for keeping you warm. (8)I am headed to the north area of North America. My plan is to sail down past West Africa, and pick up salts and spices. Then follow the coast down south a little, and then cut across the Atlantic Ocean to North America. And pick up natural resources on the east coast. Then follow the coast up north, and follow the St. Lawrence across the north and collect the furs. Then cut straight across the Atlantic back to England with all of the gifts for you. The competition I have are some explorers planning to go around the time I go, they are, one of your very own, (9)Sir Francis Drake from England. Also Samuel de Champlain from France, and Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo from Spain. (10)The other European explorers are looking for gold, silver, land. They also lead many wars for territory. (11)If I were to run into conflict with the Natives or Europeans, I would try to work it out, using as little money as possible. I am also prepared to defend us, and if it came to it I would fight for our peace. (12)I think this trip will run smoothly. If I encounter anything out of the ordinary, I will see to it that we make peace, or win. I am prepared to take drastic measures to ensure you get your wants. I have my trip and route all planned out, and I have a sure fire way you get your items.

By: Sofia Cordero

My route

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