BY: Matthew Machuga

The belief system Animism was located in Africa, it wasn't said where it began but they use it today in traditional communities of Africa. They really don't have any main person that they worship. But they do worship nature and spirits. There's not much that is written about this historical development of traditional Animism.

They do not have any holy text or book like for example Christianity which have the bible. the beliefs impacted their culture by making them have a great respect for nature.


Shintoism is located in China, to the east of Asia. They don't really have a main person that they worship. but they have great respect for spirits, what they call kami. They don't have any main text or book like some the other religions or philosophy's.


Hinduism started in India and stayed and became their main religion and still is today and their holy text in the Vedas. Their main religion is Karma Dharma and Reincarnation. and they have the alla and mohammad which is their main person that they worship. They all try to lead a good life.


Buddhism started in India but didn't stay. because Hinduism was so big in India they got ran out and went to China then spread to Korea and Japan. They don't have any kind of special text and they also don't have any main god or person that they worship. And they learn to accept what life gives them. also end your suffering by ending your desires.


Taoism started in China and stayed there, their holy text is the Tao Te Cheng. They believe in the way of nature. They don't have a main person they worship they just have a great respect for nature. They also learn to accept things as they come.


Confucianism started and stayed in china. Their holy text is the analects. and they don't have a main person that they worship. They believe that everyone have to accept their role in life.


Judaism started in the middle east and stayed and their holy text was torah which is like our bible. They are monotheistic which is the belief in one god. and they also believe that if u are good through out your life when you die god will send a messiah to take your soul to heaven. that belief affected them and they try to follow all of gods laws.


Christianity began in the middle east and stayed there. Their holy text is the bible. they are also monotheistic. and in their religion Jesus is their messiah. they follow simple rules in their lives.


Islam began in the middle east also and stayed. their holy text was Qur'an. They are also monotheistic and they believe in allah and follow him over all things. their belief affected them by being religious laws make political laws.

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