writing portfolio

9th grade
by Colton McFarlin

expository essay

Many people will admit to texting and driving. Eleven teens die everyday from car accidents and most of them are from texting while driving. That makes almost 6,000 teens every year. We can stop that! Its not only dangerous but its also against Arkansas state law to text while driving.

The statistics on texting while driving are very hard to look at. The minimal amount of time your eyes are off the road while reading a text is five seconds. Text messages make a crash 25x more likely. 13% of all drivers 18-20 involved in car accidents admit to texting and driving. We can all lower the statistics.

The laws are very strict in the United states on texting and driving. The first offense is $100-$200 in fines. On the second offense its possible to get your license removed. 10 states plus DC including Arkansas prohibit texting and driving. 32 states plus DC including Arkansas phone use all together.

Not only are you saving yourself, but your saving everyone else's life on the road , by choosing not to text while driving. Is any text worth dying over. Before you reach for your phone, think, "Is it worth it" think about your family or the family that just passed you in the volts wagon. Now dead just because you couldn't wait to read your text message.

Do you text and drive? Are you rethinking ever doing it again. Good drivers only do one thing, DRIVE! How many lives does it take to realize texting and driving is not worth it.

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