1900 galveston hurricane

The range of the hurricane

1. How many people died when the 1900 hurricane hit?





2:what was the population of galveston in 1900?





3:how strong were the winds?

a:100 MPH

b:12o MPH

c:95 MPH

d:100-120 MPH

4: did galveston residents have any warning?

write a yes or no answer explaning why you chose it

5: what happend to the bodies?

a: burned

b:threw into the sea

c:buried the bodies

d:all of the above


1:why does it matter today?

it led to newer and better methods of predicting hurricanes,and it inspired the creation of new ways of protecting people from these deadly storms

2.how has the topic changed texas?

in galvaston they built the sea wall for protection from future hurricanes many miles of the sea wall are painted with murals called "wall art" they put more protection

3.how would texas be if this event/era hadn't taken place?

it would be the same as now but with no wall