Types of rocks

The name of the rock is Argillaceous shale

The shale is formed by hard clay,mud,and silt

It is classified is Sedimentary rock

Shale is found in St.Augustine, Florida,and U.S.A

They is the rock on everyday life is for dimension stone or even as crushed stone

Shales are often found with layers of sandstone or limestone. They contains smaller Quantities of carbonates,feldspar,iron,oxygen,fossils,and organic matter.

The name of the rock is Quartzite

It is classified it can be a Metamorphic or Sedimentary rock

Quartzite it formed by crystalline

Quartzite is mostly found in Echo lake,and Canada

Quartzite is us in everyday life is uses for dimension stone

The construction industry they Quartzite as a decorative stone used to a small degree as crushed stone

The name of the rock is Obsidian

The classified is Igneous rock

Obsidian is formed by a volcanic glass

Obsidian is mostly found in Lake county,and U.S.A

Obsidian is us in everyday life is a bowl-shaped or concave

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