1) Coaches Eye: Coaches eye is a recording App for mobile devices specifically designed to record skills and games so they can be re-watched, and learned from. The use of coaches eye could really enhance this in a P.E. classroom because it makes it very easy to slow down, pause, or speed up action to get a better look. It makes for more accurate assessment for activities and skills that happen very fast to the naked eye. Furthermore if recorded from two angles it also allows you yo watch from both angles simultaneously which can be of benefit in terms of technique.

2) MyFitnessPal: MyFitnessPal is an App that has the ability to track calories, both coming into the body and calories burned to determine if their is a deficit or not. This would be used in Outcome D: Doing it Daily of P.E. where students would learn about how many calories certain foods have and how much effort is required for them to burn calories. The great thing about MFP is that it is personalized so that it takes into consideration factors such as age, gender, and activity level (it is also free). It is accessible via a mobile phone which makes it very easy for students to track their input and output because they can do it right after (or while) they eat something  or do some physical activity.

3) Geo-caching: Geo-caching is a new version of a treasure hunt that makes use of mobile devices as GPS to track down different caches anywhere in the world. There are millions of cache's around the world that people have set up or I could set up my own, and then the students log in to it and try to find as many caches as they can. This would be for a high school P.E./ Outdoor ed class. The Geo-caching app can really help with orientation because it provides the coordinates and students must find the flag based on that. Furthermore it has physical benefits in that students have to move to actually find what the cache says, and then record it.

4) Timer+: Timer+ allows physical educators to have pre-set timers to organize games and drills for specific amounts of time and runs multiple timers at once. It can also put the timers in the background so other apps can be accessed at the same time. This is great when running a circuit in the class where students have to keep rotating through the stations, especially if different stations have different timing sequences that need to be coordinated. Timer+ is much more than a stopwatch as it does not restrict any of the other functions, but is also directly on the mobile device which makes it easier.

5) Team Share: Team Share is an app that makes picking groups/teams for activities very quick and easy. It is much faster than having captains or numbering people off which also creates the problem of fairness, as people might only pick their friends. Furthermore Team Share allows the creation of balanced teams/groups where students are placed into groups (could be based on gender, skill, etc) and then an equal number from each group are placed onto each team to make the game more fun. It also eliminates the chance that kids will be picked last which can be detrimental to their self esteem.

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