The moons importan

Jessie Carver
5th hour

The moon is very important. The moon has many of phases. There are 8 different moon phases. The moon also has ellipses. There are lunar and solar eclipse. A solar eclipse happens when the moon gets between the earth and the sun. Lunar eclipse happen when the earths shadow blocks the sunlight. Tides are caused by the ocean. The force of gravity pulls the moon and Earth toward each other. These are just a few things that happen with the moon.

The moon has many different phases. As in the picture above you can see many of the phases. There are 8 different kinds of phases. 1. Is New moon 2. Is waxing crescent 3. Is first quarter 4. Is waxing gibbous 5. Is full moon 6. Is waning gibbous 7. Is third quarter and 8 is waning crescent. These phases affect us in many ways. One way these phases affect us is the changes in seasons. Another way is in stabilizing the axis of the earths rotation.

There are two types of tides. One type of tide is a neap tide the other is called spring tide. Tides are caused mainly by differences in how much gravity from the moon and the sun pulls on different parts of the earth. Tides occur every 12.5 hours or so. The water rises for about six hours, then falls for about six hours. Tides affect us. They affect us by pulling the moon and the earth together.

There are three different types of eclipses. There is a solar eclipse which occurs when the moon phases directly earth and the sun, blocking sun light from the earth. A umbra eclipse is the darkest part of the moons shadow. A penumbra is the largest part of the moons shadow. The eclipse affect us by keeping us in orbit.

The moon is very important to us! Without the moon things wouldn't work. Without the moon we wouldn't be I'm orbit. Nor would there be a necessary for breaking the calendar year into 12 months. This is just two little things that would happen.

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