British Literature and Composition I

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Course Overview

British Literature I is a one-semester course in which students will survey works of English authors from the Old English, Medieval, and Renaissance periods. Students will read representative selections (whole-text and excerpts) from such authors as Chaucer and Shakespeare.  The course includes the study of literary techniques, an appreciation of literature as a product of the time period in which it was written, an appreciation of classical literature, and a study of ways in which to understand works written in an unfamiliar format and language.

Essential Questions

Throughout the study of this course we will pursue the following questions:

Does language need to evolve?  

Does literature reflect or shape culture?

How can you squeeze more meaning and understanding out of difficult texts?

What can the literary culture of the past offer you?  

Student Objectives

  • Trace the development of the English language from Old English to Modern English.
  • Trace the progression of British literature from the Anglo-Saxon through the Renaissance eras.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the influence of social, economic, political, and philosophical factors on the development of English literature in different eras.
  • Develop inferential critical reading skills as appropriate for each era and genre.
  • Use literary vocabulary to analyze and discuss (orally and in writing) literature.
  • Perceive the relevance of themes of literary works of the past by extending and relating them to contemporary issues and concerns.

Classroom Expectations

  • Be respectful of others even when you don't think they deserve your respect.
  • Be prepared at all times with class texts, assignments, computer, notebook, and pen or pencil.
  • Arrive to class on time. The LHS tardy and absence policy will be followed.
  • Use class time to participate and complete quality work.
  • Use appropriate language at all times.  Profanity is not acceptable.


Students are expected to assume responsibility for completing assignments in a timely manner.  LATE WORK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Each assignment will be worth a number of points reflecting its overall weight in the final grade. Points will be totaled and converted to a letter grade using the following scale:

A= 100% - 90%

B= 89% - 80%

C= 79% - 70%

D= 69% - 60%

F= 50% - 0%

Academic dishonesty of any kind is unacceptable and will result in a grade of zero for all involved.  


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