The Great Gatsby Goon Too Soon

Tragic Death

Mrs.Myrtle Wilson was sadly killed in a tragic car accident. Myrtle was ran down with Mr.Gatsby car. However, no one really knew who had murdered Mrs.Myrtle except for Nick Carroway.

Mr. Gatsby and Mrs.Daisy acted as if they were a married couple. Well thats how Mr. Gatsby felt about Daisy. He even stated, he was getting deeper in love every minute, then all of a sudden he did not care. Mr. George Wilson was very suspicious as to who murdered his beloved wife. Mr.Wilson began going on the hunt  for his wife's murderer his self due to the fact he wanted to get to the bottom of the tragic event that occurred. Mr.Wilson went on the hunt for his wife's murderer and found out as to who's car had ran his wife over IT WAS MR.GATSBY's CAR!

Mr.Wilson went to Mr.Gatsby's house in rage. Mr.Gatsby was outside enjoying the beautiful day swimming. All of a sudden shots were fired, Nick, the butler and the other staff members hurried to the pool and found Gatsby laying in his blood filled pool. Dead.

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