Stuart Little by E.B. White and Five Objects Tackk
Gavin Friedman
Number one

Stuart's clothes

          In the book Stuart Little, I think that Stuart's clothes were very important in the story.  It showed me how small he was.  He was about the size of two paper clips stacked on top of each other. By making him clothes  that helped me to see  him as a human and not a mouse.  Also, it kept him from running around the house naked like other mice do.

number two car

                             In the book , I think that the car was important because it helped him travel in New York to find Margalo, his friend that is a bird. Also, driving to place to place made his fear of adventure stop. That's why I think the car is important.    

number three canoe

                 In the book , I think that the canoe is important because Stuart found a girl and asked her on a date.  Harriet, the girl who Stuart likes, said yes. Then Stuart found a toy canoe at a store and bought it. Then on the date the canoe got smashed. Then the date was ruined and Stuart did not feel happy. That is why I think the canoe is important in the story because it had some love behind it.     

number four boat

                        In the book , I think that the boat was important because when the boat race came, Stuart's brother George came to compete in it.  Unfortunately, his remote broke at last minute. Then Stuart came up with the idea of sailing the boat himself. When his family said yes he got in the boat  then the race stared.  Then five minutes later Stuart won and George was so happy.  That is why I think that boat is important.

last number five refrigerator

           The reason why I think the refrigerator is important in the book  is because it taught me how good he was at camouflaging himself. The reason why is when Stuart went into the fridge to get a  snack,  but when he was next to the milk  and cheese ( the cheese was the snack he wanted) Stuarts mom closed the fridge on him.That is why I think the refrigerator is important in the story because it showed how well he could camouflage himself.