By : Kyler Gunn & Colton Sink


For our tank we used the medium size tank which is 36 L x 20 H x 15 D. The tank will hold 46.875 gallons of water. we are putting The EHEIM Ecco canister filters offer three stages of long-term filtration. This filter’s sealed motor technology guarantees efficient low energy consumption and safe operation with a long-life expectancy. the heater we are using is a TruTemp Heater. The water temperature can be precisely adjusted from 65° to 93° F. the Aqueon Fluorescent Deluxe Full Hood to your aquarium for a custom fit. The hood is designed to fit all-glass aquariums and helps reduce evaporation. The gravel that we used is the pebble beach. the volume of the gravel we need is 1080in cubed. We need 15 bags of pebble beach gravel. the plants we are using is the Blue Medium with Rock Bases and the jungle pod. We need two for each of them. the items that we use to decorate the tank with is the Craggy Sea Rock and Roman Ruins.

The two fish we are using are the Red Oscar Cichlid and the Long Fin Red Tetra. The Red Oscar Cichlid, Like African cichlids, these guys are both personable and easy to look after. They're less aggressive toward tank mates, but all fish need to be similar in size to ensure compatibility. Most reach 6 to 8 inches in length, but some can grow to be more than a foot long. They live between 10 - 20 years. The Long Fin Red Tetra, these eye-catching creatures are known for being abundantly colorful and active. Many species do best when kept in schools of five or more. An aquarium with a large school of colorful tropical fish can be very impressive.



To care for our fish, we have water filters, that will clean the tank. We have heaters and lights, that will keep our fish at the correct ttemperature, and give them light. We also have added a lid, to keep our fish from jumping out of the tank and getting hurt. Our fish eat different things. The Red Oscar Cichlid who prefer to feed on frozen brine shrimp, freeze-dried tubifex worms and bloodworms. But the Long Fin Red Tetra do well with staple flake foods and algae wafers, which can be supplemented with finely chopped lettuce, spinach, zucchini, or green peas. It's not hard to keep the tank itself clean, because you have the water filter.


We chose the Red Oscar Cichlid and the Long Fin Red Tetra. We chose them because they are very beautiful fish and they are compatible with other fish. We chose the medium size tank ( 36L x 15D x 20H ). The volume of the tank is 10,800 inches cubed. The decorations that we used are the Roman Ruins, the craggy sea rock, the jungle pod, Blue Medium with Rock Bases, and pebble beach gravel. We used two of each of the decorations and the plants. we used two because it will fill the tank up and give the fish a place to hide. Finale budget amount is $666.42,

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