What is the Rigel Star?

The Rigel Star is a very bright, and is much hotter than our sun in terms of heat.  It is a bright white color, and shines about 40,000 times brighter than our sun.  It burns at around 12,100 Kelvin, about twice as hot as our sun.  It is 800 light years away from Earth, a very large distance.  The Rigel star is identified as a super giant, and is 35.8E30 (18 solar mass) in mass.  This is 20 times the mass of the sun.  The star is part of the Orion constellation, and is the brightest star in Orion.  The star is also very young, and is only 10 million years old. Although this does not seem very young, when compared to our star, the sun, it is still very in its youth, as the sun is about 4 and a half billion years old.

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