Tyler Johnson

Job Specialization

  There was many different jobs to farming to soldier. Jobs that certain people could get, do to there 'class', were: priests, scribe, trader, potter, fisher, teachers, bankers, weavers, and ect. To me how many people they had on jobs showed how much food this Empire had or how much money the Empire had. The Empires that had fought over land was very advanced because some couldn't have jobs because they need food. Also slaves, i think that Empire could go off by how many salves they had meaning if they had this certain amount of salves this empire was wealthy. Salves were a lot of money especialy the high priced ones. That is really advanced to me because some empires or kingdoms couldn't get salves because they needed everyone on a certain job. Mesopotamia jobs were very important because if they didn't there would be no civilization in present time.


   The making of buildings, temples, or massive walls is another advanced thing about mesopotamia. This was the very first place to have a devlopment of infrastructure. Without that very important thing mesopotmia couldn't have any protection or probably even a army. This is one of the most advanced to me in the 8 characteristic of civilization because, well, if you didn't build anything you couldn't have weapons, the wheel, houses, shops, or anything. People can go and get clothes and shoes. There wouldn't be nothing. There wouldn't be no way to live.