The Battle of Cowpens

January 17, 1781

On January 17, 1781,  The Continental Army, lead under Brigadier General Daniel Morgan battled against the British Army in the pastureland of Cowpens, South Carolina. American Troops took stand near "Broad River", and waited anxiously for British troops to arrive. Daniel Morgan was not of major importance compared to that of say George Washington, but he understood the significance of the war. He served in the French & Indian War as a wagon driver for supplies, and worked his way through the ranks of his peers, to know where everyone can stand and the factors that come into play.

The British troops were sent by General Cornwallis, lead at this point in time by Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton, with a goal in mind to eliminate Daniel Morgan, for his previous actions in a defense against the British in Charleston, SC.  The British troops saw the river as an American mean of escape, and attempted to "chase after to stop them", only to run into their temporary base of operations and battle station.

The Continental Army was a combination of some highly trained soldiers, and a series of militia men drafted in with minimal training. Despite the quick base-setup plus the array of leveled warriors, the Colonists were able to push Tarleton's army back, and let the escape with their lives. Morgan's motive was to protect the British from gaining any further reach into Virginia territory, but was also to protect his own people, for he new the pain he was preventing in the future. This boost of morale for the Colonist helped in the upcoming Battle of Yorktown (the best battle ever), and throughout the rest of the Revolution going forward.

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