Wonder Character in the Spotlight:August

Character Tie to the Theme

            August learned that you always have to be strong and never give up. I thought this because,when people looked at him and made fun of him he did't listen to them. He tried to make friends and mostly everybody did not want to be friends with him, but Summer and Jack were nice and became friends with him. They did this because, they felt a little bit bad for him and they wanted to cheer him up, but later they just really wanted to be his friend because he was nice. August was very tough when it came to making friends because, he never gave up. I think nobody should get down on theirselves if they do something that they tried their hardest on and didn't do good that just means that you just have to practice more.

Character Influences

            I think the character that impacted August the most was Jack because, he became friends with him and August really did not expect to get any friends at all.I thought this because, everybody didn't even want to touch August at all because of his face but Jack did. I think August made the most impact on Summer because, Summer felt sorry for him and really wanted to help him get friends on the first day of school. Summer was expecting Agust to not talk because he was so shy but he started to talk more and more everyday, so Summer was happy to make him happy. Their relationship was important to the story because, it really efected how August was feeling in the story and how he was acting.

Art Representation:

Jackson Pollock

I chose this photo because, i thought it represented when he asked himself why he was so ugly and, he was confused. I knew this because, he asked his mom why he had to be so ugly after the first day of school. I knew this was also a tough question and a again and again moment to. I thought this because, he asked himself so many times why he was so ugly. At the end of the story he finally realized that he is just like everybody else in the whole world. Him, Jack, and Summer were up on the stage in front of the whole croud they were being awarded from what they did during the year, and August got the courage award and only one person could get it.