Altercation (noun): A noisy quarrel

Root: Alter "other"

Example Sentence: When living with the James', there will constantly be altercations going on, whether the argument is over something small or big.

Ephemeral (adjective): Lasting for a very short (literally for one day); transitory; not everlasting

Root: Epi "toward"

Example Sentence:The party became ephemeral when the girl broke her arm and had to be sent to the hospital.

Paragon (noun): A model of excellence or perfection

Root: Para "beside"

Example Sentence: The valedictorian is a great representation of a paragon because they are the model student.

Peripatetic (adjective): Walking or traveling about

Root: Peri "around"

Example Sentence: The man who had no home was peripatetic, for he had nowhere to be or go.

Epithet (noun): A word or phrase used positively or negatively that characterizes or describes a person or thing, added to or replacing a name

Root: Tithenai "to put"

Example Sentence: Many epithets in Europe were made for kings and queens that tell of the time that they ruled like Richard The lion Hearted or Bloody Mary.

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