Mr.Candy's Adventure

     It all began when Mr.Candy was having dinner. Mr.Candy had the new’s on, but he would never believe in the new’s. On it, they were saying that a tornado was going to hit a very small house, but Mr.Candy didn't bother to watch. Then, a hard breeze flew his door open and knocked him out.


Mr. Candy wakes up in a very candy place.

“What the REESES PUFFS”, Mr.Candy say’s while he is discovering the place.

“Oh…….Hello there…..your not from around here are you”, speak’s a very beautiful peppermint.

“Well what happen was my door randomly got knocked out and hit my head….soooo...know I am stuck in the wizard of oz, covered in candy”, Mr.Candy answer’s confusedly. Mr.Candy and the very beautiful peppermint, wandered off into a candy village, where he was going to meet Princess Bubblegum.

“Hello Everyone, meet our new intruder, Mr.Candy”,announces Miss. Bubblegum.

“WOOO, YEAH, WAHH, HE’S CUTE, HE’S MINE, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”, yell the candy kingdom villager’s.

“Umm…...where’s the restroom”, asked Mr.Candy.

“Down to the right…………...GIRL’S QUIET DOWN OR I WILL RIP YOUR CANDY BUTT’S OFF”, answer’s Miss.Bubblegum.

Mr.Candy quietly walked through the herd of candy’s and have finally made it in the bathroom. The second Mr.Candy walk’s in, scream’s come out of his mouth. The room was covered in chocolate, with strawberry sink’s, and strawberry toilet’s. But at that same moment, he noticed that there were no candy cane urinals, and know Mr.Candy know’s that he is in the GIRLS RESTROOM!!!!

“OMG, GIRL’S GET THE HOT CANDY”, yell the lady’s in the restroom.

“AHHHHHHHHHH…………….HELP ME”, yells Mr.Candy sprinting through the sky.

“Girls, girls, leave our nice young candy alone”, say’s Miss.Bubblegum. ”Mints, take Mr. candy to the wishing well”.

“Yes mam”, answer’s Mints.

Mr. Candy and Mints headed to the wishing well and talked.

“I never really got to catch your name”, Mr.Candy speak’s.

  “My name is Mints, what’s your’s”, answer’s Mints.

“It’s Pepper mint………….but I don’t like it”.

“Well I do”,say’s Mints.

“Does this wishing well even work , asks Mr.Candy.

“As a matter of fact......No, it doesn’t work. Did you need to ask something”?

“Well.. I wanted to wish for me to find true love..but I think I already found it”, Mr.Candy answer’s.

“And whom might that be “, asked Mint’s.

“It is………………….RRROOOAAARRR”!!!!!!

A huge candyosaures appeared out of no where and starts attacking the candy kingdom.

“What are we going to do”, yells Mints.

“Well, Miss.Bubblegum has her kingdom master’s destroying the………….”!!!

“WATCH OUT”, scream’s Mints


A big crash brake’s a huge crack in the floor and Mr.Candy is dangling of the edge.

“GRAB MY HAND”, yell’s Mints wanted to help.

“I……..can’t……’s ………….too far “,shout’s Mr.candy.

“Before I have my last moment’s, I want to tell you something”.

“What is it” asked Mints.

“I …..LOVE…….YOU”!!!!!!!

  5 seconds after he announced, he fell.

Mr.Candy roughly falls and falls and falls and falls…..Until he wakes up in his house wondering how he got there.

“Maybe….. the only way to leave the candy place was to die….NO….NO...NO…..that’s not right. The only way to leave was to find true love and I granted it”, announces Mr.Candy. Mr.Candy head’s to the tv and weirdly, starts watching the new’s. Then one very familiar face comes up. It’s Mints!!! Mr.Candy heads to the destination that she’s at and find’s her.

“Hi Mints”, say’s Mr.Candy.

“Do I know you”, asked the mint.

“Ohh… name is Mr.Can…..I mean Peppermint”, Mr.Candy answered.

“Well I’m new around here, so would you mind if you could show me around”, asked the mint.

“No I wouldn't mind at all”.