Come to France!!

There once was a place called France

That provided perfect places for lice to Prance,

Those dirty soldiers that stood in trenches all day

Provided a perfect place for baby hatch-lings to play,

They tried washing their clothes in big hot baths

But just as they feared the lice soldiers would stay and inflict their wrath,

As soon as our brothers and babies would start hatching

Those soldiers would start violently scratching,

We are so hungry, this is why we are so eager

And we are sorry we gave you the trench fever,

Once we are on, you can always tell

Because of our sour, stale smell,

If you smell smoke, it isn't a joke

Run away there is a fire and you will choke,

So come big

Come small,

Come fat lice

Come small lice,

Don't miss this chance

To visit France.

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