Ty Tymkovich Tyrone Sales management and coaching sales forces do not break the summer

Ty Tymkovich Tyrone Sales management and coaching sales forces do not break the summer

We are in the middle of 2014 and the construction holidays approaching. Mr Ty Tymkovich Tyrone marketing blog But it's not because you're juggling the summer planning your employees that it is not also a good time to determine where the challenges of your organization to cope and stop it.

What will you do this summer if you run a business?

Of course, you have one or more persons responsible for different departments can ensure the continued growth of your organization this summer even in the absence of your key players.

But what about the coaching of your sales force? I not only found that this activity is abandoned summer because those responsible for coaching are absent for several weeks, but also because people who are on call are not qualified to be leaders in sales. They mastered neither your systems and processes to sell or the infrastructure and do not effectively manage your growth. Mr Ty Tymkovich Tyrone marketing blog Or maybe these gaps occur year-round...

Why do you agree, as every year, in summer, business is slow?

1 - What is the effectiveness of your sales management if your managers are not enough coaching?

During my conversations with business leaders, it is not uncommon that they share me that their sales managers actually spend little time to coach because they are not able to effectively recognize what their salespeople do not do well in general.

In the case where they have the opportunity to listen to phone conversations, they are not comfortable to present their critical comments (whether positive or negative) against their best sellers. Another example? Their friendship or empathy for their sales force to prevent end faster to use their worst sellers.

Another recurring issue at our conversations, Mr Ty Tymkovich Tyrone marketing blog time spent training new salespeople is often shortened qu'investi in the ongoing development of the latter. It is also customary to pair a veteran with a new kid. The result of this pairing is a perfect replication of what your sales force does not, never did or can not do effectively because they are not monitored or coached effectively.

2 - Have you taken into consideration the enormous impact on your organization if your sales manager or whatever you set out to recruit does not control the management of your sales team?

If professions such as doctors, lawyers, teachers, therapists continue to follow throughout their career development programs so why it should it not be the same for managers on sale?

Why do you think they do not need help? They already know everything? And they have no time to lose with training or coaching? And that it is not so important in the background?

Indeed, to become director of sales, a certain level experience is required. However, there is no requirement for personal improvement. Although there may be exceptions in some companies, on the whole, this is not seen as a return on investment. What can we do about it?

3 - It's okay, Mr Ty Tymkovich Tyrone marketing blog because the number of submissions remains stable throughout the summer?

This is not because your salespeople make submission on submission that everything seems to work well, even during the summer. Too often the making of a submission is considered an important step towards the conclusion of the sale, when in reality, bids are made too early in the process and merely serve to help prospects to go compare it with other suppliers for the best price. However, representatives often do not know they are wrong because there has never coached otherwise.

Do you know the real causes that make your representatives fail to realize and achieve your sales goals? It is not really difficult to get a detailed view of most of the problems of sales performance. This is not because it's been that you must give this fall evaluate your sales force. Do it today!

Out of the marketing and sales rivalry for better growth

Rivalries and inefficiencies between marketing and sales departments have always had an impact on business, only it was not noticeable as it can be for a few years with the advent of new behaviors among buyers, they are in business or just consumers.

Today, none of these two departments can not say he did not have access to information as the other tools that are now available to facilitate alignment are numerous, Mr Ty Tymkovich Tyrone marketing blog easy to use and often inexpensive.

However, changes in mentality that must take place for the leaders of marketing and sales departments can align are profound.

The following infographic to better understand how the opposing forces but also meet.

It is essential to have a plan of action for the two departments to work together and there must be, at base, a desire that comes from senior management and that affects the levels of marketing and sales departments.

This reconfiguration of roles is a process that takes several months and that will have an impact on the entire company.

See our webinar: Align marketing and sales grow faster and learn the steps to make your departments work hand in hand.

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