Wanted Dead!!!

Rubens, Peter. Title: TitleThe hunt of Meleagros and Atalante



        Calydonian Boar


The Calydonian Boar destroyed the harvest at the festival by trampling the corn, uprooting the olive trees, and pulled down the grape vines.

Physical Description

The Calydonian Boar has two massive tusks that are knife sharp, bristles on its back the size of spears, and  black eyes that catch every movement.

Where the Boar was first seen

The bull was  discovered by citizens in Kalydon where boar was sent to destroy the city. This was because the Goddes,Artemis, did not receive a gift from the harvest and was highly offended so she created the bull and sent him to destroy Kalydron.

Where the Boar was last seen

Was last seen galloping into the marshes outside of Kalydron and snapping trees, nd  eating animals


The boar breathes fire, has eyes that catch the slightest movement, has tusks more powerful than 100 men, can kill people by stomping on them, throwing them upwards, and stabbing them to their deaths.


Although the boar has bristles as big as spears, he has soft hair on his head and can easily be killed there


Reward: The head and skin of the boar will be given to the one who slays this mighty beast.


The boar was slayed by Mealeger with two spears and a mighty swing of his sword.

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