The tribes I belong to:

The tribe of Mexicans🇮🇹

The tribe of dog lovers🐕

The tribe of sleeping 😴

The tribe of chocolate lovers 🍫

The tribe of school

The tribe of music🎵

The tribe of the mall

The tribe of food lovers 🍮🍝🍔

The tribe of Christmas 🎄

The tribe of money💵💵

The tribe of Mexicans is my family because everyone in my family is Mexican. I have family in Mexico and I also have family in the USA. We like to eat our traditional foods and try new things. I find really funny that my dad wants us to try new things but he doesn't want to try new American things.

The tribe of chocolate lovers is everyone who loves chocolate. I like white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, crispy chocolate, mochas, and chocolate with almonds. My favorite is white chocolate and mochas. I would like them and have a white chocolate mocha. It's to die for. ☺️