Who am I?

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2 years ago

Who am I? Well according to family I was a very energetic little baby who loved to dance and just to be silly and putting smiles on anyone’s face when I was around. One of the characteristics I did not know about myself because now I am so quite. Looking back I have fond memories of myself always performing at family parties, dancing. I guess at the time dancing was my passion a way to release stress and just put smiles on those who watched me. When I asked about this photo I learned a lot I was told I was around the age of 2 I was traveling back and forth from the Philippines and California, this photo was taken in the Philippines my mother told me that I just dressed freely and had my own sense of style, judging from the photo it looked like I was very tom boy-ish and it makes sense thinking about it now because as I grew up I learned to love sports and doing things that weren’t what normal little girls did which was play with Barbie dolls I was more into video games and I was always getting into things which in my opinion was pretty normal for a 2 year old. It was great learning about how I was when I was little.