Happy Boss's Day!
October 2014
North Pointe Elementary

Suzi, thank you for your partnership and willingness to join me in supporting our fabulous teachers and super star students!

Suzi, thanks for being so positive and kind.

Suzi,  thanks for coming to NPE and making your transition look so easy.  You make me laugh daily with your great sense of humor.  Thanks for all of your hard work!  I'm so blessed to have developed a new friendship with you!

Suzi, You have been such a great addition to NPE. We are truly blessed to have such a hard working, supportive AP! Thanks for all you do!

Suzi, thanks for having that quiet calm voice and reasoning ability to always provide a positive outlook.

Suzi, thanks for being supportive and having such a kind heart!

Suzi, thanks for rolling up your sleeves and doing the work with us!

Suzi, thanks for always being there to lend a helping hand.

Suzi, thanks for being a good listener!

Suzi, thanks for being seriously funny!

Suzi, thank you for your understanding and positive spirit!

Suzi, I am so glad you are now part of our North Pointe Family. You have been so caring, understanding and great to work with.
Happy Boss's Day and I am glad you are here.

Suzi, thank you for taking on this whirlwind of a job!  I know it can be overwhelming at times, but you handle it with such grace.  We are so glad you have joined our NPE team!

Suzi, thanks for always having a positive attitude and a warm smile.

Suzi, thanks for not running from the building once you discovered what an interesting bunch we are, LOL!

Suzi, thanks for your great sense of humor.

Suzi, thanks for your notes of encouragement and for walking through my class to support me. Thank you for being so positively wonderful!

Suzi, thank you for your positive attitude and words of encouragement!

Suzi, thanks for being a great listener.

Suzi, thank you for coming to NPE - we love having you on the NPE team!

Suzi, thanks for stopping by PE.

Suzi, thank you for understanding the challenges of being new to a job and allowing me to learn as I go.

Suzi, thank you for putting up with us in the office.

Suzi, thanks for your approachable"ness" and self-depreciating humor. You have such a gift for making everyone feel at ease.

Suzi, thanks for making NPE even more fantastic!

Suzi thanks for being so involved in the everyday lives of our students.

Suzi, thanks for being a wonderful boss!

Suzi, thank you for being our lighthouse and guide when the blackout hit the school right at dismissal!  I'll follow you anywhere!  :)

Suzi, thanks for coming to NPE with such a positive attitude!

Suzi, we welcome you with open arms and are glad to see you are getting your head above water!

Suzi, thank you for going the extra mile to get to know our special education students.

Suzi, thanks for being so supportive. It has been fun getting to know you. We are lucky to have you at NPE!

Suzi, thanks for everything!  Hope you are enjoying your first year!

Suzi, thanks for your warm smiles and encouragement each day.

Suzi, Thank you! for all you do in N.P.E :)

Suzi, thanks for all that you do!  You are amazing and sweet!

Suzi, thanks for bringing your empathy, understanding, kindness, gentleness, and humor to our campus. You are such a blessing!

Suzi, thank you for being a positive presence on our campus.

Suzi, thanks for all of your positive energy and support!

Suzi, thanks for saying "Yes" to the call to become an AP at NPE.  You are doing an awesome job!

Suzi, thank you for all your support and advice this year; it is a wonderful feeling to be a part of this team!

Suzi, thanks for being such a trooper & such a fun addition to our staff.
You fit right in.

Suzi, thanks for always being there to support me!