A Long Way Gone

This is Ishmael Beah, the author of the book

The Protagonist couldn't really be described as one person because many things had provoked him to joining the army. Many of these things were not people at all but things such as hunger and sadness with a great deal of loneliness.

for an antagonist i would say that the rebel forces would definitely be what drove him to joining the army. they killed his family, destroyed his home, and took so many things away that i think mentally he just wanted nothing but to take lives from them

this picture captures the whole of the book because it represents loneliness... which he eventually overcomes.

"Whenever I looked at rebels during raids, I got angrier, because they looked like the rebels who played cards in the ruins of the village where I had lost my family. So when the lieutenant gave orders, I shot as many as I could, but I didn't feel any better."

i thought about this quote for the entire reading of the book. it had the greatest impact out of them all. i tie it to ghandi's quote "an eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind" because even though he killed many rebels that destroyed his life, and got to take theirs, there will always be an emptiness. what has been taken cannot be given back, and the only true closer is forgiveness by the one who lost the most, to the person who took it all.

the central theme would be self growth to me. he started as a child. then things got taken from him so he seeked  revenge. after he had gotten done with revenge he struggled with loneliness. and then finally i think he developed into a normal human being

i would definitely recommend the book to anyone interested in documentaries and or war stories. i would recommend it with those reasons because for anyone who gets sickened by gruesome details and images then the book is not for you at all

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