My Greatest 7th grade memories
By: Robert Sunderhaft

1.  Cedar Point for Jazz Band

           My favorite memory from 7th grade was when we competed in cedar point for Jazz Band. We played In The Mood, Soul Bossa Nova, and Corral Reef. We did a great job and ending up wining the whole competition. After we preformed we went on the rides. I went a the new ride, the Rougarou and got a pin that said first rider. I also got front of the line passes to Gatekeeper and the Rougarou. I had a blast and wish I could do it again.

2.  7th Grade Camp

             Camp was a really fun experience and played lots of games. We did camo games, ultimate frisbee, outdoor cooking, rock climbing, and zip lining, just to name a few. Ultimate frisbee was my favorite because I like throwing the frisbee around with my friends. I also scored two times for my team. My favorite activity to do in my free time was Gaga ball. In the game you are in an octagon shaped ring and try to hit a ball at other peoples' knees to get them out. I will definitely remember camp as one of the best things in 7th grade.

The Camp Mess Hall

3. Trip to Kitt Peak in Arizona

               At the end of the first quarter, my dad had to go out to Arizona for work and allowed me to tag along. When we got to Arizona we first started our trip with a round of golf on the desert. It was an amazing view everywhere you looked. After we played golf we went to Kitt Peak Observatory. The star were so clear their and so visible. You could see Milky Way too. We also say lots of shooting stars because a meteor shower happened that night. This trip was one of my favorites, and will always remember it.

Fast motion picture of the sky at Kitt Peak

4. Spring Break in Las Vegas

                At the beginning of the forth quarter our school had spring break. Every year my family goes out to Nevada to visit my grandma and grandpa. We had lots of fun. I played golf everyday and really improved. We also had Easter their and went to their country club for brunch. It was really good. It also was really nice to get out of the cold weather and get into the warm weather.

A night in Vegas on the strip.

5. The Color Run

               The Color Run is a 5K were you run around Cleveland and you were a blank tee shirt and they spray color on you. In the run they have different sections for different colors and at the end they spray you with all the colors and some that were not sprayed on you at the beginning. I did the run with my sister, and I had a blast. I hope I can do it again.

6. Cav's Game

                    The Cav's game was really fun. I went just after the first week we came back from Winter break. This was when the Cav's were really good and had around a 10 game winning streak. I went to the game with my dad and we had a blast. We ended up winning and game and I was really glad. Going to the Cav's game are always fun for me and am definitely going to more in the future.

The new Cleveland Cavaliers team

7. Outsiders Day

             After the whole seventh grade read the book the outsiders, our grade dressed up as a character from the outsiders. I dressed up as a greaser. We also played games and watched the movie as well. The games were password, kahoot, and a teamwork game. The teamwork game was were some one put Vaseline on their face and then they would pick up cotton balls with the Vaseline and drop it in a bucket. It was really fun.

Outsiders Day


             I really liked the And Then There Were None unit because i liked solving all the mysteries. I also really liked the book because it was always so suspenseful. The And Then There Where None unit was really fun for me. I also felt like a real detective when I was filing out the dossier. The movie was also good but not like the book.

9. Chuzzlewit's challenges

                   After our class read the book Anthem, we got a letter from a man named Chuzzlewit. The letter said if we completed the challenges he gave us we would have no essays. The next day we had to do challenges. My favorite challenge was to some how get across a path without touching the ground, with only poles and tennis balls.

10. Radio Play

               The radio play was really fun for me because I got to write a script with my friends and actually preform it. It was really fun and would choose this project over any other project to do again. I also thought the war of the worlds radio drama was really cool how they made the whole US believe their was an alien attack.

HELA Moments

                        My favorite HELA moment is the And Then There Where None unit because I got to be a detective and try to solve an unsolvable mystery. I also liked the five minute mysteries and how the answer was always so hard to find. I also liked the movie because it gave you a visual on what happened. The movie though was nothing like the book in the end. WE also did a class mystery and I got to be a character. All the boys thought I did the crime, but it ended up being a completely different character that was played by Val. I really liked the concept of mystery and would now like to read another mystery.

Core Classes

                      My favorite core class was science. I find it really fun because I have always had an interest in how everything works. My teacher Mrs. Burton is also why the class is fun. She is really funny and a good teacher and I wish she would move up to eighth grade with us. My favorite topic we covered was elements. I liked to see the different uses each element had. We also learned the periodic table song. Science is by far one of my favorite subjects.

Favorite Camp Memories

                     Camp was one of my most favorite things of the year. We played lots of games. The things we did were ultimate frisbee, outdoor cooking, creek hike, pond study, nature hike, dancing, Chinese and American games, rock-climbing, zip lining, and many more. Ultimate Frisbee was by far my favorite. I scored two times for my team. Then we stopped the Ultimate Frisbee game and played kickball. Mr. Barr joined us and he was on our team. After that we did outdoor cooking. I really like this activity. The food I made was really good and yummy. Earlier that week, we learned the dance to Thriller. It was confusing, but I got the hang of it. Here is the music:

That week we also did rock-climbing/zip lining. I made it to the top of the rock wall. It had a great view. It was the first time I had climbed to the top of a rock wall. Zip lining down was also fun. The whole week was a blast and am definitely going to try to be a counselor for my senior project.

A La Carte

                     Golf Is by far my favorite sport to play. The reason I like golf is because my aunt is a golf pro in Las Vegas and my grandpa always encouraged me to play golf. So far I have been playing golf for two years and hope to continue. I am also going to try  to make the varsity golf team as a freshman in High School. To do this I will need to play a lot more golf. Golf is certainly my favorite sport and will continue to play it till I physically can't play any more.  


                     My precept to incoming 7th graders is: Strong people stand up for themselves. But the strongest people stand up for others.

This is probably the best precept I have ever seen

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