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Jacqueline Phillips

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Decide Today For a Savings Tomorrow!

People who understand interest, earn it, People who don't, pay it.

Did you like what your savings looked like last year? According to the average 50 year old has about $42,797. 63% of most 65 year old are dependent on Social Security, friends, relatives and charity. They failed to plan for retirement.  What about you?

If you are living on $2000 per month, you will need to have saved at least $333,392 for retirement.  The more you make the more you will need to save to maintain your life-style and standard of living.  

Want to start a plan and pay into it for 10 years and stop. If you become disabled will your monthly investment continue? Check out more about the features of our plan at To get a free retirement calculation call 601.951.9480 or send an email to

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