K'Ave's Music Interests #curleesclass2015

I have a lot of music tastes. The music I listen to can be extremely diverse. Ranging from pop-punk, to alternative, to indie, to rock, and just a little bit of pop. The bands/artists I enjoy the most are One Direction, 5sos, The 1975, The Neighbourhood, Arctic Monkeys, Ed Sheeran, Lorde, Sam Smith, Fall Out Boy, The Beatles, Imagine Dragons, and Green Day.

My friends have made a huge musical impact in my life by introducing me to some of the bands I like now.

I really like this song by The Beatles because it really doesn't have much meaning and the reasoning behind it is funny.

"The artist who wrote these lyrics said that they intentionally made the lyrics random and confusing as a way to poke fun at the constant over-analyzation of their other songs" says the REACT channel on youtube.

The 1975 "Robbers" is one of my many favorite songs. Although the song is based off of the movie 'True romance' , the video seems like it has another meaning that I find very interesting. The couple knows that their relationship is absolutely toxic. They know that they can find happiness with someone else. However, they are so focused and caught up in each other that they don't realize the destruction being done in both of their lives. The title itself shows that they're robbing themselves of their happiness by being together, yet they can't seem to find a way out because they know nothing else nor want something different.

I'd love to go to Las Vegas, Nevada in July so I can go to a 5sos concert while they're on their "Rock Out With Your Socks Out" tour.

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