Day 1: The beginning.

My name is Nicole Wiseman and I'm 22. I live in Columbus, Ohio. I'm part of the Union. I'm writing this on July 1st, 1863. My older brother, Jeremy, is stationed in Ripley Ohio. I did live with him. Our parents live separate from us. When I woke up this morning, I took a long bath and washed some clothes. After I was done with the clothes, I made myself some breakfast, then I began sewing a blanket for when Jeremy comes home. I had men that were stationed here come to my door today in search for a place to stay the night. I cooked them food and let them sleep in the guest bedrooms upstairs. They kept questioning me about how I didn't have a man around the house, but I just told them that I hadn't needed one, and then informed them of my brother and how he was in the war right now. My father was also in the war, just like my brother. He retired around 5 years ago with a great amount of money for being the head of his troop. Due to this, my brother and I had the chance to buy a very nice house.  

Day 2: Dear Brother,

Dear Brother,

I am writing to you on the 2nd of July, 1863. How are things going with you? It's been a while since I've received a letter from you and it was beginning to worry me. There are soldiers staying with me right now, brother, three of them! They are stationed near the house, and they came to my door yesterday asking for a place to stay. Of course, I complied. Last night while we were having dinner, they began to talk about the battle going on in Pennsylvania right now. The Battle of Gettysburg is what they called it. I wonder if that is the battle you're fighting in right now? If so, please be safe. I worry about you everyday. Mother and father have you on their mind all the time, too. They write me all the time of their worries for you. We're all worried, but we're so thankful that you are fighting for our country. The house is very lonely without you, brother. I'm thankful for the company of them men who are staying with me. They're all gentlemen. I hope to one day marry a man like one of them.  This letter is getting a bit long, so I'm going to bring it to an end. I hope you're doing well and that you get this letter. Please write back to me as soon as you can.


Day 3: Making it by.

I feel as if today is going to be a rather boring day. I woke up a bit late today, due to the quiet that sunk over the house. I had become used to the noise of other people early in the morning for the past two days. Last night, the solders left, leaving me by myself in the house again today. I went into each of the rooms they stayed in, making the beds and cleaning what little mess they made. I grew hungry after cleaning for an hour or so and made myself a small lunch. After I was done eating, I decided that the rest of the house could use some cleaning, too. I mopped the floors and dusted what needed to be dusted. I was exhausted by the time I was finished! I walked outside, checking to see if I had gotten any letters in response from my brother, only turning up empty handed. My loneliness didn't last long, for another group of solders came to my door in need of a home to stay in for the night once again. I had just finished making some blankets, which I handed to them and told them to give to the rest of the troop. I took their dirty clothes and washed them, and then I hung them to dry. I also helped to fix some of their broken guns, since my father was in fact the head of his troop. They thanked me kindly for my help. All of these men seem to be real gentlemen.

Day 4: News

I finally received a letter back from Jeremy! I was so happy when I walked outside to check this morning, only to find a letter from him! That mean's that he is safe! In the letter, he talked about how he had in fact participated in the Battle of Gettysburg. He said it was one of the most gruesome things he's had to witness. He saw one of his friends get shot right in front of him, and said that he's been having nightmares about that battle ever since. I worry for him. It must be so hard, having to watch people dying around you while you still had to worry about the safety of yourself. He talked about how our parents and I are always on his mind, and how it was kind of me to take in those soldiers, but that he doesn't want me getting too close to any of them. Typical Jeremy, always pulling the big brother role! A part of the letter saddened me, though. He informed me that his troop had plans to make an attack on the 8th of July. He said that the battle was going to be in Maryland. He feel's as though it's going to be a victory. I wanted nothing more than for him to be home in safety instead of being out there and risking his life all the time, but there's nothing I can to about it. He told me not to worry and to tell our parents not to, either.  When I told my mother and father about the letter, they were very proud of his doing in the Battle of Gettysburg. I guess father had heard that it's been one of the worst battles yet! I'm so glad my brother is okay.

Day 5: New President

There's been word going around that Abraham Lincoln has been elected for president. I believe that this could be a great thing for our country. I feel that he is an honest man who will do a lot for our country, by making laws to help or doing whatever he can. I think that he will lead our country to success.

My hopes are that he will try to bring our troops home, because I am missing my brother desperately. I haven't received a letter from him in quite a while, so I'm hoping that he is safe and that he will return home as soon as possible. Maybe Abraham will help that happen.

I think a bright future is ahead for our country. If Abraham lives up to his reputation, then we should be heading in the right direction. Our country will thrive and the wars may even come to an end! With a president like him, I feel that I may finally feel good about living in this country.

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