Freshman Tech

By: Colin Thyne

The picture shown below is a picture from my most unhealthy food project. In this project we were supposed  find the most unhealthy food we can and convince our audience that it is the most unhealthy. In this project I found what I believe to be extremely unhealthy (A 10,000 calorie burger). I properly showed correct citations in this project and my knowledge of public speaking.

The image below is the beginning slide of my Zombie Apocalypse project. This project was about making a google presentation on how to survive the zombie apocalypse. This project also included one picture with a correct citation. This project was important because it should that I knew how to correctly cite a picture so as to not plagiarize.

The image below is a project I worked on. This was important because I used my skills for interviewing and talking. I had to interview someone (Ricky Schwartz) and had to put the information I collected from the interview into the inforgrphic. Infographic

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