Melt-Proof Container

We can keep it cold.

The materials needed for this project is Aluminum Foil, Straws, Felt, Tape, Small Plate, and rocks. Others may have used different materials this is just what we choose from the given list. The first thing we did was take the plate and a foundation with the straws so the aluminum foil is supported by something. With the frozen bottle we wrapped it in aluminum foil so the heat will reflect off of it. At the top of the bottle we first put aluminum foil the felt then after that there is another layer of aluminum. Then we put rocks around the bottle because they are good insulators. At the end of the day the total cost was $9.52. The first four hours it was frozen. But the next day it melted.

Here is a list of our supplies and their cost.                                                                                        Item.                                       Cost per unit.                Number of items used.      Total cost

1. Aluminum foil.                  $0.25                               9                                            $2.25       2. Straws.                               $0.02                               4                                            $0.08       3. Felt.                                    $0.25                                1                                            $0.25                4. Tape.                                  $0.10                               30                                          $3.00             5. Small plate.                       $0.15                                1                                            $0.15               6. Rocks.                                $0.25                               16                                          $4.09              Total.               $9.52

This is our finished product.

Test #.           Time.                     Temp. In Celsius                                                                       1.                      12:40                         -1 degrees Celsius.                                                                 2.                      1:40                          -1 degrees Celsius.                                                                  3.                      2:40                          -1 degrees Celsius.                                                                    4.                      3:40                           0 degrees Celsius.     

This is our group. First is Claire , me (zach), Karleigh, and Nick.

1. Did the product meet the design specification?        For the first four hours yes, but no the next day.             

2. What was the total cost of materials?                         $9.52

3. Did your team work well together?                             Yes we did work pretty well.

4. What was the quality of your team's work-okay, good, great.     I would say it was great. It was fun working with them?

5. What was the biggest challenge for your company?                      Designing the product.

6. What could have made the job easier?                      Having more of an open mind about others ideas.

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