The Invisible Man
H.G Wells
name:Eliya Tsioni


The story talks about a stranger that arrived on a clod Ferbuary day, to tonel in the town.

"The stanger arrived in the town on a cold Febuary day".

Identity Card

Name: The Stranger

Height: 1.80 M

Weight: 75kg

Job: scientist

hobbies: to be alone

favorite food:chiken and


The conflict in my story was between Mrs Hall to The stranger.

When The stranger arrived to the hotel of Mrs Hall, he was visible suspect and strange.

Mrs Hall begin to suspect in The stranger and following his actions in his room.

After Mrs Hall followed the experiments of the stranger, she caught him invisible and she called to the police.

I was researcher him in questions and then I was doer the same like Mrs Hall do in the story.


The climax in my story was in escape of the stranger from the hotel of Mrs Hall.

After that Mrs Hall discover that the stranger invisible , she begin in chase after the stranger with the police to catch him. The stranger escape to his friend doctor formerly to hide from the police. His friend engage in treason in the stranger , and betrayed him to the police. Then, the stranger escape to small hostel , but the police man waiting for him there. They opened in a shootout and the strange to be killed.

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