Hamlet Boo's Bullying
                    Scenario #1

I would define bullying as a person being physically,emotional, or psychologically harassed or abused. Bullying can cause many different effects on a person. A few examples would be:Mental health problems( depression,anxiety),lack of interest in school work/grades,skipping class, and in some cases suicide.There are some warning signs to see if your child is being bullied like:Unexplained injuries,lost/destroyed belongings,sleeping or eating disorders.There are ways to deal with bullying and a bully, first you should tell an adult don't hold it in that is the reason some kids commit suicide they hold it in and don't tell the parents. If it continues then try to contact local authorities.

             Facebook Scenario

If you do nothing when your friend is bullying then, you give a message to the bully that he has more power than all of you and you can't stop him.We could help our friend socially would be helping him out through the situation, make him know he has some friends.When you stand up for the bully you let him know that we're in this together and if you mess with one of us than you mess with all of us.