Useful Apps in the Classroom

Graphing Calculator: The function of this app is pretty self explanatory, it's essentially a graphing calculator on the phone. The way that this could be useful is that it provides the students with a tool that they commonly use at the low cost of $1.99.

Evernote: This app is basically an electronic note pad available for access on mobile devices. Students can use this to take notes, write reminders and plan their schedules; they can also add on extra components such as voices messages, and pictures. There is also a function that allows the user to share the things that they've recorded with others, which I think above all is what makes this app great for the classroom. Notes and ideas can be shared with those who are unable to make it to class, and

VoiceThread: This app allows the user to create slideshows and presentations online, in which they can choose to voice-over the presentation or make audio comments. It also allows the viewers to provide feedback in either text or audio form. In a classroom, this app can be helpful in the way that it can engage a large amount of students and have they actively participate in a organized manner; as well, for some students it may take away the anxieties that comes with presenting their work in front of an audience.

Dictionary: Again, this app is pretty self explanatory, it is a dictionary on the phone. With this, students can easily search for words that they are unsure of in a way that is time efficient and hassle free, without the need of having an actual calculator. This app can be used as a substitute to real dictionaries, or just for students to do a quick spell check.

Idea Sketch: This a planning app that allows students to form their ideas quickly without the need of pencil and paper. The main goal/use of this app is for the students to get used to the process of organizing their ideas as some may be unwilling to do so on paper for whatever reasons. This app can serve as an alternative option for those who do not feel comfortable with planning on paper.

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