HIV and AIDS is a very taboo subject and people who have it are silent because they are scared of how others will react. Too often people around you disappear when you have AIDS/HIV. For example: Your friends are no longer visiting you, society doesn't want to approach you and even your own family, your own blood, is afraid of you. This has to stop and the world needs to learn more about HIV and AIDS so they can help the people in need and will no longer be afraid to be around someone who has it because they will know all about it and will no longer be scared.

Raising awareness is not all about knowing what HIV is, everyone needs to know how to protect themselves from it. Being ignorant about it won't make you immune; it will only make you a bigger target. Avert is a charity that talks about prevention like PEP where you can take an antiretroviral treatment to protect your sex partner from getting the disease or a treatment for pregnant women’s to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus to the baby. It’s a charity that also participates in fund raising for people in less developed countries or the ones that need the most help. They also speak about the proper use of condoms to have safe sex. People often think that condoms only exist for men but it’s false. The FP2 is a condom for women and they are many more but “it’s the only that was approved by the U.S Food and Drug administration”.HIV is everywhere but it’s worse in countries that are poorer or in development.It’s the worst plague and history ,but people are not aware of that.


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