Tenement Crumbles to Ground

Here is some of the debris

By: Madeline Ritenour

ROMAN CITY - Many people die of a collapsing tenement in the city of Rome yesterday afternoon, around 2:30.  The weight being unbearable, hundreds of families living inside came down with the structure itself.

An estimate of about 115 are injured, the exact number is still unknown. Kids and adults, and those who survive are either recovering in the hospitals or living on the streets.

One survivor stated, "The first few bottom floors started to collapse, then the rest of them came smashing down on top of us. Dust flew everywhere, and we could not breathe. We were so lucky to survive."

Another said, "I was on the top floor, and all of a sudden everything started to fall, the roof crumbled, and the building just came crashing down, taking us along with it."

The cause of this tragedy is too much weight, for very few people survive. In addition, the floors to the tenement are fairly unstable because the majority of the people in Rome live in these buildings.

Sadly, here in Rome, the poor people lack food. These unfortunate families have no money to pay for goods or shelter and could possibly die of starvation. However, the wealthy residents can buy food from street shops and small food stands in front of others' homes.

More witnesses of the crash claimed, "I knew people who lived there, and I am so worried about them being okay! All I saw and heard was screams, bashes, and rocks."

Tenements fall and our society loses homes and lives of innocent citizens.

Roman Food

By: Madeline Ritenour

Today, here in Rome, there are some tasty trends flowing around, and this is the ultimate guide to catching on to them.


For wealthy people these days, one of the 'big things' is having dinner parties. They invite friends and family over to share a meal and talk. Usually, they have one larger sized table and three couches surrounding it. Guests will lay on the couches to feed themselves, and slaves will cook and serve the meals. But slaves have to eat too, right? Slaves will typically sit on the floor to eat, or if they are lucky, they will sit on a rice mat. For dinner, usually meat and vegetables are served, along with dairy, fish, and sometimes fruit for dessert.

Selling Your Own Food

People here in Rome love to sell their own foods because they make a profit off of it, and they also like to share their home-grown goods.

So the first step to have a food stand is deciding, of course, what he/she is going to sell. Multiple citizens sell fruits and vegetables, but it is your time to be unique.

Next, they have to think about the location of their stand. Wealthy people sometimes have gorgeous, luxurious homes, so they just have their stand in front of their own houses. Now for all of the citizens who do not have a gorgeous home, find a place on the street! He/she will (probably) get loads of customers if...

1. Their food is tasty.

2. They are friendly.

3. The prices are not overwhelming.

Well, after the basics of the food shop are decided, all that is left to do is decide all the details. Have fun!  


Humans usually need two meals to survive in Rome, right? Of course! Well, if someone needs a little inspiration on what to cook for each meal, here is the place to be.

Breakfast is usually light foods such as whole wheat pancakes and bread. Occasionally, fruits and meats should be served.

After school and after a bath, it is dinner time, which in America would be in between their lunch and dinner (lunch is a meal between breakfast and dinner).

A regular Roman dinner consists of seafood, vegetables, and other meats in addition to eggs, breads, and salad ingredients. Meats vary between chicken, lamb, and other common animals, to peacocks and ducks.

Well, this was the guide to food in Rome, so hopefully, this information was helpful.

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