Childhood...it's a BIG problem

More than 42 million children suffer from obesity. Obesity is problematic. I'ts a problem that a lot of coutries counter everyday. In our modern society, adults are not the only ones  affected by obesity. Children are. Children are affected each day all over the world. It as impacts on their life. But how to help? How to prevent? How to sensibilize our children. You have to analyze the problem from different angles. You have to start looking into the causes, then you search for the effects it has on health and the prevention that must be done.

First off, the causes. One of them is genetics. You just can't avoid it. It is in you, it is what makes you. It has a direct impact on you. It sometimes predeterminate your obesity stage. For instance, if your parents are both suffering from obesity, your chances are increased considerably. It is not your fault but this is one of the causes. The second one would be habits. A lot of families tend to go to fast-foods or other unhealty food restaurant. It can affect you. It all depends on the food choices you make. Whether their good or bad. It's what you eat that makes the difference. Less fat, more vegetables! The last cause would be physical activities. If you don't move enough, the consequenes will come fast. We live in the digital era and a lot of children tend to stay inside and play on the computer instead of playing outside. It's time to bring them back to playing in the streats.

In second place, you have to know the effects it has on your body. The negative ones. Because obesity doesn't bring anything good to neither you and your body. If your are obese when your young, you have increased chances of beeing obese when you'll be an adult. You could even develop diabetes which disables you to eat everything you want and dictates your everyday life activities. Trust me, it is not worth the taste of a burger. Anxiety and depression comes with it to. Its sad to say but children suffering from obesity tend to be bullied more then the others... which has a big psychological impact on their little minds.

In third place, how to prevent all this. The firts would be diatery. You have to eat well in order to be healty. Food is important in a lot of people's lives, but it has to be healty. Eating fruit and vegetables can be fun for children, i'ts the parent's job to be creative. Legal actions have been initated by governements putting regulations to fast-food restaurants. This helps directly reducing and preventing obesity. The most important would be physical activities. I'm too young to remember but my parents always told me that they used to play outside all the time. Now in the digital era in which we live, computers and televisions take a big place in our lives. We must encourage our children to go back outside and play. Beeing part of a sport's team is an easy way to start moving and do sports. It as a lot of beneficial consequences on their little bodies, let's put all that forward.

To conclude, obesity is a worlwide problem. We have to work together in order to erradicate it. We have to give childreen anything they need in order for them to not suffer from obesity. As parents, it is your responsibility to sensibilize you're child. Let's make our world a healthier place. A man once said, and I quote­: "We must pay greater attention to keeping our bodies and minds healthy and able to heal. Yet we are making it difficult for our defences to work. We allow things to be sold that should not be called food. Many have no nutritive value and lead to obesity, salt imbalance, and allergies." Let's keep David Suzuki's tough in mind.

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2 years ago