Jailbreak to make your iPhone Scream when Dropped

Dropping your iPhone can be the biggest shock for any iPhone user. But this can be funny with this new jailbreak tweak, which allow you to give more reasons for programming your device as it emits blood-curdling scream whenever you drop it. Sounds funny.

Its through 9to5 Mac we came to know that the accelerometer in iPhone determines the device from falling from any height and making use of the functionality the jailbreak community made some tweaks to make your phone scream when dropped.

The developer of this tweak also has released an update that adds to use the custom sounds when you drop your iPhone, you can get to know the source code from GitHub and also find a video attached in the video demonstration of the tweak embedded below.

Since this new tweak requires the jailbreak, it will not be available for the one who is running latest version of iOS, which has not been jailbroken yet. Similar features are also available for Android users also through the latest app iScream which also makes your phone scream in cyber pain when you drop it.

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