52 IN 52

The 52 Albums that define my love for music

Week 11/Album 11

Who: Living Colour - "Vivid"

When: 1988 (My 9th Birthday present)

Why: For starters, this record (besides my family) easily had the most impact on my life in general. This record was the beginning of my love affair with Rock and Roll. This record taught me about social aspects of life and how to have respect for everyone. This record taught me culture. This record is where I learned rhythm. This record has stuck with me the most over the years. This record still sounds amazing. This record is one of the most underrated rock albums of all time.

Where: Sometime in the early 90's, my friend Dave and I made a pact to never see them live without eachother. There has been many chances, but the stars just havent aligned just yet. Hopefully soon!

Watch them shred:

1988 is the year that I really started to recognize music on my own. Living Colour was my first everything when it came to my own music. The first time I remember hearing that first riff in "Cult of Personality" on the radio, I was sold. "Vivid" came out on May 3rd, and for my 9th birthday (4 days later), I got a tape player and my own Cassette version of "Vivid". My buddy Dave and I played that tape for almost 2 years straight every day. The tape player went everywhere with us.

There isn't a bad song on the record, and it was so diverse. Some songs were heavy and riff driven, some songs were catchy pop songs, and some songs were depressingly slow cultural rock anthems. (including "Broken Hearts", in which I learned the basic parts of playing the drums to) They were, and still are, amazing musicians too. Vernon Reid is easily the most underrated guitar player of our time. Just listen to the solo in "Cult" it KILLS!

Alot of music has come and go in my life, some has stuck but nothing ever stuck like this record has.

Listen to it: