kora fleshman

electrical to mechanical

using a magnet and a motor. when you use a magnet is is electrical the and the motor is mechanical.

chemical to light

lighting a match. the match has chemicals on it to make it word and then the fire turns into light.

heat to electricity

turning on a light bulb. when you turn of a light bulb it gets hot and then turns into electricity.

nuclear to heat

an atom bomb. when you set it off it is nuclear then gets hot and turns into heat.

electric to light

if you plug in a lamp it starts of being electric then turns into light when you turn it on.

kinetic to potential

playing soccer. a person kicks it and it is motion then your foot stops it then when you are about to kick it is potential.

potential to kinetic

if you were on a roller coaster and you were at the top about to go down you would have potential energy then as you were going down you would have kinetic.

mechanical to sound

listing to music. you plug in the head phones then sound will come out of it.

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