Methods for Termites Control

Termites are small insects which can cause great damage to your house on various things such as books and wood materials, etc. These are destructive threats to your house which multiply within short durations forming colonies. Mostly, these colonies live in their areas of infestation thus extending their damage by slowly leading to destruction. With this in mind, therefore, there is a great need for termites control.

When it comes to termites control, various companies in Singapore ues various methods to do it. One of the most common methods is removal and replacement of the infested parts in order to avoid the spread of the infestation. Once removed, the infested parts need to be destroyed or disposed to control infecting the new structures with the same menace.

Another method involves use of xterm baiting system which utilizes cartridges with bait matrix meant to entice and attract termites and finally damage them. It is reputed for being environmental friendly and suitable for even those with sensitivity to chemical insecticides. It has such advantages as those of faster and massive destruction as well as ease of use.

The third method for termites control is the most popular use of insecticides to control the infestation. It is known to be one of the most efficient and involves either spraying of the same or injection using syringes. Injection penetrates the cracks reaching the most inaccessible areas thus killing them together with their larvae and the eggs which would rather develop to be part of the colony.

Therefore, Singapore residents suffering from the disaster of termite infestation should fear no more but try these methods as discussed.Also, hiring a suitable pest control company will help determine the most effective method or one can just contact the renowned pest control Singapore who guarantee assistance.