Monday Memo

Curriculum Focus

MATH TALK...videos.  There are some great examples of math talk from a Cherry Street teacher.  She is just beginning her journey to improve her math instruction.  They will be sent to you in an email.  Your exit ticket will come from these videos.

    Important Information

    Make sure you are teaching the 7 Habits!  We are 100% a Leader in Me School.

    This Week....

    Monday: No School

    Tuesday: Records Workday for Teachers

    Wednesday: Announced Walk-Throughs; Math Talk 2:15

    Thursday: Announced Walk-Throughs; SOY Ceremony 6:30

    Friday: Dolphin Island

    Coming Up...

    Monday, Jan. 26th:  3rd-5th Dance Practice

    Tuesday, Jan. 27th: PLUS2; MTSS Team A & B; Report Cards

    Wednesday, Jan. 28th: LLT Meeting 11:45 - cancelled

    Thursday, Jan. 29th: Leader Landing; Leader of the Month (1st, 2nd and 3rd)

    Friday, Jan. 30th: Leader Landing; Leader of the Month (K, 4th & 5th)

    Happy Birthday


    How are you using math talk in your math block? Students must be explaining your thinking.

    Check out our sweet Kindergartners watching him plant a tree for Arbor Day!!

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