Harris County Veterinary Public Health

Pet Adoption Room Coordinator

Date: Mar. 19 -Dec. 31.

Who: Harris County Veterinary Public Health .

Where: Harris County Veterinary Public Health-Animal Shelter, 612 Canino Rd, Houston TX 77076, USA.

Contact: Martha Vieco-Garcia, 713-418-1809, vphvolunteer@hcphes.org.

The Goal: "We accomplish our mission through bite case investigations , disease surveillance, animal law enforcement, stray animal control, education, rabies vaccination, policy development and registration of dogs and cats within unincorporated Harris County."

Volunteer Needs: "The volunteers will be required to attend an orientation about our organization. Individual Training will be provided for each volunteer according to responsibility and assignments."   

Volunteer Opportunities: "You will be the constant monitor of the pet adoption room. Your role will be to provide help and assistance to kennel staff throughout the adoption process, assist the public in making their adoption choices, and maintain a welcoming and safe environment for the potential adopters and the animals they wish to interact with."

Funding" $38,401,440. Which is made by getting donations.

People Served: Young Adults.

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