Self Reflection Leah Stenzel

A Brief Summary of my Career Assessments

My Career Cluster Areas

My Key Interest Areas - CRS

  • Conventional people like rules and regulations and emphasize self-control. They like structure and order, and dislike unstructured or unclear work and interpersonal situations. They place value on reputation, power, or status. They like to work with DATA.
  • Realistic people are usually assertive and competitive, and are interested in activities requiring motor coordination, skill and strength. People with a realistic orientation usually prefer to work a problem through by doing something, rather than talking about it, or sitting and thinking about it. They like concrete approaches to problem solving, rather than abstract theory. They tend to be interested in scientific or mechanical rather than cultural and aesthetic areas. They like to work with THINGS.
  • Social people seem to satisfy their needs in teaching or helping situations. They are different than R and I Types because they are drawn more to seek close relationships with other people and are less apt to want to be really intellectual or physical. They like to work with PEOPLE.

Careers I would consider Include:

  • Waitress
  • Veterinarian
  • Baker

My Personality Traits

  • Extraverts seek interaction enjoy groups communicate by talking outgoing and sociable like variety and action involved with people learn by doing or discussing do ‐ think ‐ do expenditure of energy enjoy a wide circle of friends.
  • Sensors focus on what is real and actual prefer facts and concrete pay attention to details observe and remember sequentially are down‐to‐earth learn step‐by‐step focus on the present rely on past experience prefer things as they are value practical applications.
  • Feelers prefer to sympathize with the problem are subjective are tender‐hearted value harmony are compassionate and accepting are guided by personal values are good at complimenting prefer to be tactful usually take things personally can be seen as overemotional
  • Judgers value structure tend to work now / play later like things settled and decided prefer things to be organised make lists and use them value punctuality prefer to have deadlines like to complete projects are goal‐oriented value order like to follow timetables.

My Strongest Skill Area

My Strongest Skill Areas are: organization, working with people, and working in a group.

Careers I Would Consider Include: Veterinarian, Baker, Waitress

My Most Important Value

My Most Important Values Include: Love, Honesty, and Caring.

Careers I Would Consider Include: Veterinarian, Human Services, Baker.

What I Learned About Myself

I learned that there is a lot of job possibilities out there for me. I also learned that i'm a people person and I can help people.


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