Suicide by starvation

Let's get thiner and thiner.

well a bit about me. I'm in my late 40s 5 ft 9" (174cm) and have suffered from depression all my life. Anyhow I have had enough. I want out. But how? Well recently iv lost 10 kg. my maximum was 91kg ( 200lbs or 14st 2lbs). I had lost some weight and now have dropped down to 68kg (150lbs or 10st 10lbs).

I have plenty of drugs to put me to sleep But want to make sure by shedding as much weight as possible. Anyhow as it happens I'm training for a 100km charity run/walk so at first no one will notice as I will put my weight loss down to training. I am to die on June 23 as it coincides with no birthdays anniversary s etc that I know of of friends and family. I will post each week with a pic and update on how I feel physically and mentally. Till then stay happy.

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