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We help you come up with ideas, make decision's, and fulfill your destiny!

IDK is a company that completely and utterly dedicates itself to you!  We are a business that specializes in creating new ideas for our paying customers.  We have specialists that are trained in the art of "Ideajitsu".  Our ideas are genius.  We are truly dedicated to our customers.

Below are some examples from our satisfied customers!

Barbara needed a new "money making" idea.  So she called us!  She came in filled out our "idea form" and in a matter of minutes our specialists had provided her with the idea to make a wal-mart like superstore!  Now she makes Billions!

Angelica didn't know whether she should buy the red or the blue dress so she came to us for assistance.  After only a few minutes, and a fee of $40, our experts decided that the bright blue would be the best since it matched her eyes.

Obama began to feel insignificant to the world around him.  After a visit to us; our ninja trained specialists decided that he should run for president!

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