Friends of the Homeless

Jackson Davis

         The goal of Friends of the Homeless is to end all homelessness. They want everyone to feel appreciated and equal with something to fight for. They serve food twenty-four seven and give out books to children. The association started when the founder was driving down Jefferson Highway and witnessed a child eating out of a trashcan! For children in school they supply money for supplies and field trips. They also give out backpacks. Volunteerism is always available and their is many different programs to help the homeless so it's always helpful.

  •   The give out warm clothes during winter.
  • They give out warm hot chocolate
  • It was formed to help the disabled and homeless.
  • They serve nutritious meals 7 day a week in the impoverished neighborhood
  • They serve a book to every child they see.
  • Richmond Friends of the Homeless was started in 1986 after the founder witnessed a young child eating from a trash can off Jefferson Davis Highway.
  • They are open 24/7.
  • This foundation has been feeding the homeless for more than three decades
  • We can contact the founder easily because they live right here in VA!
  • The founders name is Shawnee Hanson.

Facts about Friends of the Homeless

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